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I was 19 years old. I was 25 weeks pregnant. I was not married and I has moved back home with my mom. I started to have pain and went to the hospital. When I was checked, they told me I was in labor and needed to stay in the hospital for about 10 weeks on bed rest.
So they started me on medication to try and stop the contractions. After only a few days, I went into full labor. I delivered a 2 pound 26 weeks baby boy. I was in St. Croix at that time and they did not have a NICU. Later the evening after his birth, the doctor came to my room and let me know my son would not live past 12 hours and if he did make it, he would have a lot of respiratory issues. My heart broke.
So I did what my mom taught me to do. I prayed even though I felt that He might not answer because I was a sinner. That evening, I went to the nursery to see him. This 2 pound baby. All 13 inches of him. I was scared.
They put me in a room by myself in a rocking chair so they could care for him. While I was waiting to go back and see him, while I was scared that I will lose my son, while I was thinking that I was unworthy of a miracle, and while my mother prayed, I heard a voice a loud as day say to me, "Be still and know that I am God." I looked around but no one was in the room with me. I started to rock in the chair. I heard it again.
I was startled. It was His voice. God's voice speaking to a sinner like me!! To make a long long story short, my son is now 22 years old with no respiratory issues and healthy. I thank God His grace is sufficient for a sinner like me!!!


With my 35th birthday around the corner, October 2012, the Master’s Calling was evident and HIS voice was loud and clear. I was not pleased with the direction of my life and my career. The knot in my stomach when it was time to get up and go to work was a struggle daily. I recall being in the shower one morning and hearing the song "I Give Myself Away" and falling to my knees. As this happened, I felt God’s presence and I could hear Him say, "Now that you’ve given it ALL to me, watch what I can do."
In the upcoming weeks and as I celebrated my 1 year anniversary at the company where I was not happy on the job, I received a call from a different company that I was in the final round of interviews the year before. They offered me another position with a compensation package that literally blew my mind. All in the same day, I received my 1 year anniversary award and I handed in my two-week notice. This was just the beginning of what God had in store. My life, marriage, and career went through a transformation.
Soon thereafter, my wife and I signed the contract to have our first home built. Looking back, I kept asking myself why I didn’t do this long before. It took 35 years, but all I can say is when you truly see HIM for yourself, words can’t convey what it feels like.
GOD is Amazing!


"My journey began November 29th, 2007, when I thought my life was coming to a point of relaxation and vacations. I had a dream that one day in the future my life is going to be turned around and I am going to be a mother again. I had this dream not once but twice and I thought to myself no, I'm having some crazy nightmare. After all my children are ranging from the ages of 30 years old to 45 years old and grandchildren in their 20's.
Well, it happened when I left South Florida and moved to Central Florida God blessed me with a baby girl I named Irianna Genesis-Rowanda Guthrie born November 29th, 2007. This is the child that has kept me on my knees and gave me a whole new relationship with God that I thought could never happen. I really thought after being in this message all my life married, raised my children, widowed, married again, "I got this". Well, Irianna has a story that is not finished yet and the world's best kept secret for the future. And she will be the one to tell the ending of this journey one day.
But, what it has done for me is that I have a new relationship with God with all the trials and tribulations I am a new woman of God. And this journey that I have been on God has shown me His ways are higher than mine (Isaiah 55:9). Through my journey only Jesus was my faithful friend, comforter, and father. He showed me just how much I needed to trust Him and allow Him to have control. God has put new sistah-friends in my life, showed me the delete button in my cell phone.
Shake off the users and abusers, pray for those who have accused you and hurt you. Love your enemies, which can sometimes be your flesh and blood as well as those you know. Remember what God has done for you no matter what we have done. The greatest thing that I have learned to do much more now is to FORGIVE and LET GO. Your blood pressure, cholesterol, and stress will go down to zero. In the mean time I give GOD ALL THE GLORY AND THE PRAISE! Irianna's middle name Genesis (In The Beginning) Rowanda (Mommy's middle name), Irianna (Iri - Jamaican/American Girl). My pet name for her as many know "Kooley-Girl" (My baby girl). Thank You Lord for Kooley Girl!"

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