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"A lot of people don't know that I've been depressed. At first it was because I was dealing with grief and guilt, but then it turned into the fact that I never felt that I was good enough, or that my life seemed to be falling apart as I knew it, or that I'm not as significant as I thought. I had contemplated suicide a few times, and wrote some notes, but I was never able to do it. Each and every time, God would send someone with either a call or a text. I would be so worried about trying to hide my sadness from them that I would have nothing left in me.
I would cry for hours. I stopped eating regularly. Couldn't sleep. I isolated myself from almost everyone. But God... he didn't bring me this far for me to end my life.
I can finally say that although some days are rough, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I'm making it. I'm finally able to smile genuinely and to laugh. I'm beyond thankful for the chance that I have to finally be able to experience happiness after so long. To anyone who finds themselves fighting what seems like an uphill battle with depression... DON'T GIVE UP!!
I know it's hard, but God will see you through it. Sometimes it may feel like He's not there, but I promise you, He cares and He's working on your behalf. Hand over your depression and sadness... He will give you a peace that passes what any pill or medication could give you. He wants it all. He loves you and wants to see you happy. God bless ❤️"


At 24 years old I had the blessing of being pregnant with my first child. My pregnancy was very uneventful, very normal by most standards. Nearing the end of my pregnancy, my daughter Taura did not want to come out. So, I thought being 3 weeks overdue was the biggest concern and risk of my first birthing experience; sorely mistaken, I endured a very painful 36 hour labor just to find out Taura was in distress. An emergency c-section was quickly initiated by the doctor, and this is when my biggest test of faith would come.
3 weeks overdue, 36 hours of labor, an emergency csection, and almost dying from the anesthesia wasn't enough, as I waited for my baby to be placed in my arms I heard that dreadful "flatline" beep. This happened twice in my daughter's first minutes of life, she was actually on life support and unable to breath for her first 30 minutes. They quickly flew her via helicopter to a bigger NICU facility, and after spending 9 months waiting to meet my first child, I didn't meet her until 5 days later. I saw Taura in a picture for the first time. 5 days passed and I was finally reunited with my baby, one of the most frustrating moments of my life, even after all of this heartache I couldn't even hold her, she was in an incubator.
Taura had fluid in her lungs from aspiration of Meconium which is deadly to babies. A large tube was placed on her side to flush out the liquid, she was on 24/7 monitoring for brain damage and other tests, the stress on me was draining. Instead of growing closer to Christ my heart was angry and I blamed him. It was not until Taura's 6 mo check up that I truly grasped the miracle God performed for us in saving my child. At this check up we had to set up several appointment for neurology, cardiology and others; when we arrived her primary care doctor looked at us in amazement.
I asked him what was wrong, he said all of the appointments were cancelled, they reviewed her scans and they no longer saw any fluid in her lungs, or any signs of long term effects of illness. He was amazed, he told us for a child to make it out of a NICU after 15 days with no damage or effects is very rare. I broke down and praised God and felt humbled by my incredulity and stubbornness. Today the only thing that remains from that horrible time is a scar under Tauras breast, but now we see it as a daily reminder of how God spared our child and has seen her through 2 wonderful fulfilling years. Turning away from the Lord in times of dispare is so tempting, but that experience taught me that it is during those times we need to cling on to the Lord even more.


I was 19 years old. I was 25 weeks pregnant. I was not married and I has moved back home with my mom. I started to have pain and went to the hospital. When I was checked, they told me I was in labor and needed to stay in the hospital for about 10 weeks on bed rest.
So they started me on medication to try and stop the contractions. After only a few days, I went into full labor. I delivered a 2 pound 26 weeks baby boy. I was in St. Croix at that time and they did not have a NICU. Later the evening after his birth, the doctor came to my room and let me know my son would not live past 12 hours and if he did make it, he would have a lot of respiratory issues. My heart broke.
So I did what my mom taught me to do. I prayed even though I felt that He might not answer because I was a sinner. That evening, I went to the nursery to see him. This 2 pound baby. All 13 inches of him. I was scared.
They put me in a room by myself in a rocking chair so they could care for him. While I was waiting to go back and see him, while I was scared that I will lose my son, while I was thinking that I was unworthy of a miracle, and while my mother prayed, I heard a voice a loud as day say to me, "Be still and know that I am God." I looked around but no one was in the room with me. I started to rock in the chair. I heard it again.
I was startled. It was His voice. God's voice speaking to a sinner like me!! To make a long long story short, my son is now 22 years old with no respiratory issues and healthy. I thank God His grace is sufficient for a sinner like me!!!

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